Metagrind is an innovative web development company, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have built a simple and successful business foundation that focuses on creating customized web solutions for small, but growing companies in any industry, market, or business sector.

Web presence, social media, and search engine optimization have become so important to today’s business success, yet too many small business owners do not leverage the technologies available to them to grow their businesses. Typically this is because either they simply do not understand the technology or they cannot afford to take time away from their own business demands. Metagrind aims to make website design, configuration, and hosting easy for small business owners to understand and afford.

We offer preconfigured website packages with various features and design options that will meet any budget. Our pricing is simple and straightforward, and our response time is unmatched. The experience and expertise of the team at Metagrind will ensure that your business succeeds online.