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About the Project


When CrossFit Vitality came to Metagrind considering a full redesign of their website, we started looking around at some of the other CrossFit websites in the Charlotte, NC metro area. It quickly became apparent that many of the gyms (or “boxes” as many of the CrossFit folks have come to call them) had very similar designs and structures. To flip this trend on its head, we proposed an extremely updated format for the new CrossFit Vitality website. With a clean design and superior site organization, it was an instant hit with the Vitality team. It was also a hit with many in the CrossFit community and has since been spun off to be used for many of the other CrossFit gyms’ websites in the area. Here’s how it all came together:

Our Solutions:

1. There were many website templates and themes that we could have chosen from for the CrossFit Vitality website, but Metagrind wanted to ensure a level of originality. To this end, our developers designed the new site from the ground up.

2. This made-from-scratch design also allowed for complete customization to meet Vitality’s needs. For example: the custom coded Coaches module we created for better organization of the gym’s coaching hierarchy.

3.  CrossFit websites contain a massive amount of information. Metagrind created a system to keep all of the Workouts of The Day (WODs), Athletes of the Month, blog posts, events, affiliates, and sponsors organized and displayed in a fashion that the website users can easily access and digest.

In Their Words:

“Everything looks great, appreciate it brother! I cannot stress to you how pleased I have been with service you guys provided.”