Crossfit Cornelius

About the Project


Sometimes business happens when you least expect it. When inspiration strikes and the product is ready for the public, you have to be able to deliver. The founders of CrossFit Cornelius realized quickly that there was a lot of potential to bring a CrossFit gym to the Cornelius/Lake Norman area outside of Charlotte, NC. However, they had to act, and act fast! After hearing about Metagrind’s quality of work, low pricing, and (most importantly) speed of delivery, they were ready to sign on the dotted line and get started. Here’s how it happened:

Our Solutions:

1. We were able to create yet another CrossFit website, with enough tweaks to the template deliver a fresh design. By using our existing framework, this was able to be done extremely quick.

2. From start to finish, we engage our clients with immediate responsiveness. Metagrind uses high-level project management software to ensure that no elements of the work are omitted or not completed in a timely fashion.

3.  CrossFit websites contain a massive amount of information. Metagrind created a system to keep all of the Workouts of The Day (WODs), Athletes of the Month, blog posts, events, affiliates, and sponsors organized and displayed in a fashion that the website users can easily access and digest.

In Their Words:

“You guys are awesome, by the way.  I truly appreciate your responsiveness!”