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About the Project


Web design and development are not the only solutions that Metagrind can provide for your company. Inbound marketing is another area of expertise for us. When Carter’s Motel launched the original version of their website in January of 2010, they were getting between 5 and 10 website visitors a week. The need to drive more traffic to their website was the motivation for giving Metagrind a call.

Our developers are highly experienced in the latest search engine optimization strategies. They ensure that the code behind your website conforms to search engines’ current standards. Metagrind wanted to make sure when someone Googles "Lodging in Edgewater, Florida" that Carter’s Motel was at the top of the list!

Our Solutions:

1. Metagrind certainly achieved the goal of promoting Carter’s Motel in search engine results and other areas. After we launched the updated version of their website, their visitor traffic increased by 20 times!

2. Metagrind utilized all of the tools, software, and expertise in our arsenal to ensure that Google and the other search engines had everything they needed to begin listing their website in search results.

3. We also helped them with some of their off­site link building strategies. Metagrind configured their social networks and local directories (Yelp, Google Places, etc.) to ensure further visitors were referred to the Carter’s Motel website from these sources.

In Their Words:

"After seeing the numbers, we became believers! Metagrind drove so much more traffic to our website than we could ever imagine. Now we just need more rooms to put all these guests!"