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About the Project


The Bloom Room came to Metagrind with a very specific problem. The owners repeatedly heard from potential clients that they were unable to view The Bloom Room’s website on their mobile devices and tablets. Although The Bloom Room is one of the best in the business of floral design for weddings and events, it is hard to convert leads if they can’t see your work! As it turns out, while designing in Flash is certainly flashy, it does not lend itself well for mobile, responsive website development. Even Adobe itself has reaffirmed its commitment to: “Aggressively contribute to HTML5, a platform with broader support and capabilities than Flash was ever able to deliver.”

So where does this leave you if you have a Flash­based website? With the ever increasing shift to mobile and tablet internet devices, not in an ideal position. Luckily Metagrind developers are ready to redesign and develop your Flash website to meet today’s mobile web standards. Listed below are some of the ways that we did it for The Bloom Room.

Our Solutions:

1. Metagrind was capable of (and offered) redesigning the Flash portions of the website to be identical, but mobile ­friendly. However The Bloom Room thought a design update was in order and we were more than willing to accommodate.

2. The client wanted the new design to capture the elegance and beauty of the events for which they design. Metagrind certainly delivered on those aspects as well as making the website clean, user friendly, and of course mobile ­ready.

3. Given the increased traffic by exposing the website to mobile and tablet users, turning website visitors into clients was also important. Metagrind streamlined the website to funnel the users exactly where The Bloom Room wanted them to go, whether it be submitting a contact form or onto their social networks.

In Their Words:

“We are happy with everything… Looks great on the phone! Thanks for everything!”



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